Jejak KITA Nayattama, P.T.

Jejak KITA Training Consultant established since February 2004 by its founder, Anton Binsar, M.Si. Jejak KITA Training Consultant has focus in the people development for various clients. We have the missions to save, to teach and to develop people, so our activities will always toward to those missions.

We have been providing services for vast institution, from the educational institution to the well-known companies. We help them to achieve their goals through the comprehensive training program. We always start with a discussion of the most frequent problem they want to solve, and tailor a training program that will relieve their problem. Mostly, we design the training program to touch the participants attitude and character. We believe that character is the basic of attitude and the outcome should be good when people have good character. We apply the comprehensive management system in our training, which includes Input, Process, Output, and Outcome. We always try to make the best process in training program to shape the output and the outcome.

We are ready to become your partner in developing your people. Contact us and get a new training experiences.